Let’s Recreate Your Summer Look with a Trendy Short Bob Haircut

Short Bob Haircut

When we think of chopping our hair, what comes to our mind that whether we will look good or bad or maybe Superb!! There are many different haircuts that might not bring much change in your look, but when it comes to short Bob haircut style, one should not even give a second thought to it. 

Do you want to know WHY? What is so special about it?

Short Bob Haircut is the most classy, sassy, and one of the oldest hairstyles which are still termed as the best hairstyles among the short haircuts.

In comparison to long hair, a short haircut is for someone who doesn’t want to spend much time maintaining it and on the other hand keeping herself always in the best fashion. Bob is a symbol of high class, style and individuality, and self-confidence. 

Get Inspired by your famous Indian celebrities who are looking amazing in a Hassle-free short bob haircut

This hairstyle has never been out of fashion and these celebs have carried them so well, that it inspires and makes us feel in the same way as they look. From straight to wavy, bob cuts gives a perfect look.

Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi short Bob Hairlook

Mandira Bedi for a long time kept a short hairstyle, as she was bored of keeping long hair and wanted to change her look completely. She cut her hair really short, but that’s what made her look more classy.

Priyanka Chopra in The Sky is pink (2019)  

Priyanka Chopra Bob Hairstyle

National Award-winning filmmaker Shonali Bose in her film, The Sky Is Pink made sure that the appearance of her lead actress, Priyanka Chopra Jonas should be perfect and she was seen in the movie with different hairstyles, and in one scene she was shown in her stunning bob cut hairstyle. 

Yami Gautam in Uri (2019) 

Yami Gautam

Uri- The surgical strike hit the theaters, in the year 2019, showed Yami in her short Bob Hairstyle. She mentioned she was very particular about her hair length because for some reason long hair is associated with the notion of ‘conventional beauty in the industry, society.

But without any question she cut short her hair for the film, she shared the look on social media, soon after she chopped off her hair. And she was looking amazing. 

Prachi Desai

Prachi Desai Bob Hairstyle

This cute diva, who always keeps her smile on, was seen in her Bob hair look and she rolled everyone’s eyes with her looks. She played with her short hair look by coloring it purple from the front. She will always be darling for the audience. 

Sayani Gupta 

Sayani Gupta

Kajol in Kuch kuch Hota hai (1998) 

Kajol Bob Hairstyle

We all remember this famous movie by Karan Johar which came in the year 1998. This is one of the popular movies in the Indian Cinema, which made the audience watch it again and again.

Kajol with her short bob hairstyle look, paired with a hairband, looked dam cute, She played the role of a young, tomboy college student who received maximum likes. 

” Small story of an inspirational lady -Sudha Murthy. She studied engineering against her family’s concern that no one would marry her. She was the only woman in a college of 599 male students. She also flaunted her bob haircut in the late ’60s, when it was quite scandalous back then.”

Let’s check out some of the famous Hollywood celebs who have carried out Short bob haircut stunningly

  1. Taylor Swift 
  2. Rihanna 
  3. Emma stone
  4. Selena Gomez
  5. Jennifer Lopez

In case if you are planning to go for your next summer makeover, do check out the above celebrities and how amazingly they have styled themselves in this hairstyle. From Bollywood to Hollywood, this hairstyle is everywhere. 

All the top-notch celebrities have rocked with this hairstyle!!!!

What is Bob Haircut? 

Short Bob Haircut is a timeless hairstyle that can be flawlessly carried out by almost everyone.

So, basically, it is a short haircut, in which the neck and collarbone are visible and it is cut typically straight around the head at jaw-level often with a fringe or bangs at the front. 

Depending on the features of the face and personality the correct bob cut will take your look to the next level.

Top 3 Best Short Bob Haircuts which you can incorporate into your Looks for your next Big Makeover

Classic Concave Bob

Classic concave bob

It’s more like a standard bob haircut, just below the ears. It is best suitable for someone who has a babyface and wants to give a mature look.

Blunt Bob

Blunt haircut

This cut gives blunt edges and is usually for hip youngsters.

A-line Bob 

Aline Bob

It again has an edgier look but with bangs in the front, and it mostly gives a cute shape to your face. 

Nowadays, youngsters watch Korean series or movies on Netflix or other platforms, and these K- Dramas celebs are really inspiring with a bob cut, like

  • Suzy in the film “ While you were Sleeping” with bob haircut and bangs. 
  • Ha Ji Won from Hospital Ship with a soft bob cut.

Somehow these Korean female celebs characterize themselves as a strong personality and youthfulness which seems to reflect back to us in a lot of ways.

Best Reasons why to go for Short Hair especially a bob haircut

  • It’s a great way to add volume to thin hair. 
  • It’s easier to manage.
  • It looks sexy and classy. 
  • Short hair tends to be less frizzy. 
  • You won’t have split ends, which is a big issue with long hair. 
  • You will not have tangles and knots.


Short bob haircut which used to be styled in just one way, has now taken a lot of twists and turns and can now be styled differently according to one.s face structure and preference and can be trimmed to suit one personality as well.

So, try your next makeover with this amazing haircut. Find out your best-suited type of bob cut.

 Short Bob Hairstyle
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Short Bob Hairstyle
Bob Haircut has been in trend from a longer time. Lot of Top notch celebrities today love to keep its hairstyle when they plan to chop off!!
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