251+ Romantic and Cute Nicknames for your Boyfriend

cute nicknames for your boyfriend

Are you in a relationship for a long time and still calling your boyfriend with the same old regular name?

Not so cool right?

I think you need a cool nickname for your Boyfriend which suits his personality and is always fun to call!

And also fights in couples is a very common thing nowadays and these fights sometimes result in breakups, so calling your Boyfriend with some romantic nickname might end your stupid fight and yes back to normal.

So what did we learned “Nickname sometimes act as a relationship savior”

Now we will tell you some romantic and cute nicknames for your Boyfriend so that you both do not leave each other till death parts you or till you kill each other.

But before that check out the list of  Nicknames for Your Bestfriend

names for your boyfriend

Cute Nickname for your Boyfriend


  1. Shona – cute common Indian nickname
  2. Amore – means love in Italian; my love, my lover, my sweetheart.
  3. Anchor – romantic name to call a boy who has won your heart.
  4. Apple – sweet nickname for a precious and priceless guy.
  5. Avatar – nicknames for boys that are godly, ethereal, heavenly.
  6. Baby – my love, my darling.
  7. Baby Boo – romantic name to call your sweet boyfriend.
  8. Baby butter fingers – an adorable goof; perfect for a guy who is a little clumsy, but hugely charming.
  9. Amore Mio – means “my love” in Italian.
  10.  Sleepy – this nickname is perfect for a phlegmatic guy.
  11.  My heart – is created for the one you love the most. 
  12. Magician – to those who can seemingly do the impossible, always find a way out of a hopeless situation. 
  13. Handsome – the next way you can call a guy affectionately and coolly, refers to a young man who can always look good. 
  14. Sun – appeal to the gentleman who can make your life brighter. 
  15. My prince – is suitable for someone you think is special.
  16.  Knight – this beautiful and poetic word can be used for a guy who makes a girl feel like a lovely lady. 
  17. My soul – when you feel that you cannot live without this particular man. Desired – created for the one whom you always want to love.
  18. Crazy – when a girl feels like the earth is going out from under her feet. 
  19. Jolly – is a great name for a guy who likes to laugh or cheer others. 
  20. Hercules/Atlas – in such a way, you can refer to a strong guy. 
  21. Hero – is another option to call a man affectionately and refers to a brave man who will do everything for his lady.
  22.  Bear – is an appeal to a big powerful man on the one hand, but friendly and pleasant on the other
  23.  My hard worker – is ideal for a hard-working person who is not afraid to work.
  24.  Iron Man – a perfect person with steel nerves. 
  25. Gelsomino – is the right name for a person with a beautiful soft voice.
  26.  Champion – is a cute appeal to man number 1 in your life. Athlete – a cool appeal to sports fans.
  27.  Mr. Excellence – is for the right person. 
  28. Rocky – suitable for a man of athletic appearance, strong, and fast. 
  29. Humorist/prankster – refers to the representative of the stronger gender, with the ability to joke easily and naturally.
  30. Chiku – sweet beyond imagination.
  31. Chimpy – nickname for President George W Bush; also ugly in a lovable and attractive way.
  32. Chook – Australian for “chicken”; also one who is handsome and loving who has the power of pulling you out of the blues anytime.
  33. Chubby bunny – the best, most adorable boyfriend in the world.
  34. Pickle Pie – If he is an adventurous guy who loves to live life on the edge, this would be a cute nickname for him.
  35. McMuffin – Is he all prim and proper, serious, and gruff, yet a softy at heart? This is the name you have been looking for!
  36. Butter Boy – Is he is all tough on the outside and senti when you get to know him? He is a Butter Boy for sure!
  37. Buttercup – If he is an angry young man who fights for the weak and reminds you of the adorable Buttercup character from Powerpuff Girls, you can name him the same!
  38. Captain Hottie – Is he a leader by nature? Is he a sight for sore eyes? This name covers all the bases.
  39. Doodles – For a guy who loves to draw thoughtlessly.
  40. Dork – A guy who is always himself without caring what anyone thinks.
  41. Dove – A boyfriend who is divine and pure.
  42. Frozen Fire – A nickname for a boyfriend who is calm this minute but crazy the next?
  43. Fruit Cake – A boyfriend who is sweet and charming
  44. Fudgekins – A dependable, responsible, and social boyfriend.
  45. Fun Size – A nickname for a small and adorable boyfriend.
  46. Batman – Since most guys are into superheroes, your boyfriend will also appreciate being associated with a caped crusader, who fights crime, swings through the sky at night, brings justice, and also has a dark side.
  47. Kissy Face– This is when you really want to mess with him, or are just being brutally honest.
  48. Captain– This nickname implies a strong, commanding man who will guide his loved ones safely through all the storms.
  49. Hottie – If your husband is sizzling hot, then you have just the name for him.
  50. Dimples –  Men with dimples are adorable. If your husband has them, then call him with this name.

Romantic Nickname for your Bestfriend


  1. Captain of Love – If your husband is the captain of your love boat, then bestow him with this well-deserved title.
  2. Prince –  Your husband is the prince of your dreams; this nickname is just what you would want to call him.
  3. Honey Bun – If thinking about your husband gives you the same feeling when you walk into a donuts shop, then he is your indulgence.
  4. Romeo- Is your husband good at expressing love? Then he is your Romeo, and you are his Juliet.
  5. Dream Guy- When your husband is all that you have ever dreamt of.
  6. Superman –  the man who has superpowers to do what you think is impossible.
  7. Mi Amor-  Give this nickname to your hubby, if you want to call him “my love” in Spanish.
  8. Man of My Life- Call your husband with this name to tell him how irreplaceable he is in your life.
  9. My Drug- If you are addicted to your husband, then this is the perfect name.
  10. My World- For the guy who means the world for you.
  11. Hunk- If your husband has the body of a Greek god, then this is the nickname for him.
  12. Alpha- For the man who is dominant but in a loving and caring way.
  13. Heartbreaker- Did your man break a few hearts when he tied the knot with you? Or did he have a reputation of being the most wanted bachelor? Use this nickname without hesitation.
  14. Ken- If your guy is fashionable and always well-groomed. He is Ken and you are Barbie.
  15. Snuggles- For the warm and comfortable person, your husband is.
  16. Extra Hot- When your husband is super-duper hot to handle.
  17. Love Muffin- He is sweet and full of love for you.
  18. Mr. Perfect- Because he is a perfect person to spend the whole life with.
  19. Wolverine – A cute name for a bold and strong man.
  20. Scooby- For a person who is thin and a coward.
  21. Hobbit- If your partner loves to travel.
  22. Minion- For a guy who possesses the talent to make funny faces.
  23. Superstar- because he’s the star of your life.
  24. Arnold- Call him with this cute name, if he’s a body-builder.
  25. Batman- Call him “My Batman” if he like fancy cars.
  26. Mr. Robin / Robin Hood- For an extroverted cool guy.
  27. Don- A cute pet name to call your boyfriend if he likes crime movies.
  28. Popeye- If your boyfriend is a muscular dude.
  29. Pokemon / Pokey Face- If he’s cute and smart.
  30. Casper- A sweet pet name for your BF because he has haunted your thoughts like a friendly demon.
  31. Cupcakes– If your boyfriend is sweet and delicious like a cupcake.
  32. Jammy– Because he’s one lucky guy.
  33. Poopie– Although mean, but this nickname sounds too cute.
  34. Emperor– He may not have complete power you, but he is important.
  35. Fuzz Butt– This doesn’t imply he has a fuzzy butt, just a cheeky nickname for your boy.
  36. Santa Clause– For a generous boyfriend.
  37. Cookie- Who doesn’t love cookies? And the name never fails to sound cute.
  38. Mine– After all, he’s yours- Don’t let him forget that.
  39. Pookie- It really doesn’t have a deep meaning, just sounds cute.
  40. Smoochie Poochie– He will surely roll his eyes at this one at first, but secretly love it.
  41. Poppy– Because he’s just like a drug.
  42. Chiku– For someone sweet beyond imagination.
  43. Loo Loo– fun, sweet, bright, and sensual.
  44. Lil Chicken Nugget– tasty and unputdownable.
  45. Po Po– Californian slang for a cop; a guy who is kind of commanding yet fun to be around.
  46. Tiger– For a handsome and fiercely sensuous guy.
  47. Teddy– Because he’s no less cute and cuddle able than a teddy bear.
  48. Eye Candy– For someone who blesses your eyes with their physical beauty.

Funny Nicknames for your Boyfriend


  1. Kung Fu Panda – Is he a little pudgy but adorable like the panda we all love? He needs to be called by this nickname!
  2. Nemo – For the most amazing guy ever.
  3. Neptune – A guy who’s resilient and independent.
  4. Nibbles – A nickname for a guy that drives you crazy.
  5. Ducky – A nickname for a charming and delightful boyfriend.
  6. Dulce – An amazingly sweet guy.
  7. House Mouse – Is he tiny and as mischievous as a mouse? Tease him by calling him by this adorable nickname.
  8. Momo – Is your husband like a momo? Plain on the outside, but is warm and caring on the inside. Then, call him with this cute and sweet nickname.
  9. Heart Throb –A very good looking guy that all the girls swoon over.
  10. Heart’s Desire – For a guy’s who represents the reality of your daydreams, the one and only.
  11. Heartie – For the boyfriend who’s got the key to your heart.
  12. King – A guy who’s a ruler.
  13. Kissy Face – A boyfriend you always want to kiss.
  14. Kiya – A boyfriend charming and fun to be with.
  15. Dumpling – A term of endearment for a lover or baby.
  16. Wordsmith – cute name to call your sweet-talking boyfriend.
  17. Wookie – one who is totally carefree and happy.
  18. Wookums – one who loves without limits.
  19. Wuggles – one who is constantly hugging, cuddling, kissing.
  20. TumTums – one who is always hungry for love/ sex.
  21. Turtle squid – one who has his hands all over; sexy and sensuous.
  22. Twinkle – best friend and lover.
  23. Lion – A proud and fierce boyfriend.
  24. TwinkleToes – one who is clumsy while walking.
  25. My eagle – is a suitable name for those who are always and in everything at the height, for real men.
  26.  Ladies Man – if he is popular with women or other representatives of the weaker gender envy you.
  27.  Luscious Lips – perfect for a man who loves to kiss. Mr.Untamed – he is wild, but he knows good manners.
  28.  Hotshot – if he has a piercing look. He looks like he is shooting with a gun. 
  29. Mr. Adventure – in such a way you can call your beloved guy who loves adventure. 
  30. Muscleman – for a man who loves to demonstrate his muscles. 
  31. Big Guy – refers to a big and strong person.
  32.  Dare Devil – this man is not afraid of danger, instead, on the contrary, he likes tracking, climbing, skydiving, and scuba diving.
  33. Mister Cutie – Perfect for a gentleman who has a hidden soft side only you know about.
  34. Freckles – If he has them, he is CHOOO CHWEET.
  35. Snow Bunny – The perfect name for a guy who loves snow and winter activities a little bit too much!
  36. Honey Bunch– another derivative of honey for a supportive, sweet and comfortable to be with type of guy
  37. Sugar Pie– Does he make you feel like eating him? if yes, then try this one.
  38. Gum Drop– a perfect combination of a sweet and sexy guy.
  39. Oreo– a cute pet name for a guy who is sweet, dark, and handsome.
  40. Pancakes– a good nickname for a guy who is just so sweet and adorable.
  41. Cuddle Cakes– If you guy is sweet and cuddly, you should use this one.
  42. Hon’– this one comes from ‘honey’ and is meant for a boy who is pure and sweet as honey.
  43. Cuddle Cakes– for a guy who is huggable and too sweet to be true.
  44. Butternut– A man who makes your heart melt at every glance.
  45. Cinnamon– this is a cute name for a guy who spices up your life.
  46. Chef– this is for a guy who cooks great food for you.
  47. Love Muffin – Does your guy make you feel comfortable and is adorable?
  48. Wolfie– This cool nickname is for a guy who is a perfect combination of sexy, powerful, and exciting.
  49. Wookie– This is for a happy go lucky guy who spreads smiles everywhere.
  50. Picasso– if your guy is an art lover, this is a cool name for him.
  51. Pickle Pie– For a boy who is sour, spicy and sweet at the same time.
  52. Wordsmith – This is for a guy who is just perfect with his words.
  53. Pirate– This is the guy who is authoritative and likes to take the lead.
  54. Uncle Upright – A playful nickname for a boyfriend whose genitals are always erect.
  55. Unicorn – A guy so full of perfection that it seems unreal.

Sexy Nickname for your Boyfriend


  1. Honeybuns– If he has sexy hip.
  2. Sparky- If he knows, how to ignite the flame of SEX!
  3. Orgmist- If he is an orgasm expert. Caution – It’s a SECRET!
  4. Tripod- A hot and sexy pet name to call your boyfriend if he has a giant d***.
  5. Sexy Pants- because he is DAMN SEXY!
  6. Sexter- If he likes dirty texting.
  7. Sexy Devil- A seductive name to call your boyfriend, if you wanna play!
  8. Papi – A Spanish nickname for a guy popular among the ladies for his charm.
  9. Papa Bear – This is what he is if he protects you wherever you are and keeps looking out for you.
  10. Poopsie – A whacky name for a goofy guy.
  11. Papito – A cute Spanish term of endearment.
  12. Turtle Squid- if your guy loves to touch every part of your body.
  13. Stud / Super Stud- For a guy who makes you cum!
  14. Stud-Muffin- For someone who is intensely hot and grabs the attention of the ladies due to his blazing personality.
  15. Marshmallow- A marshmallow is soft, mushy and sweet just like your husband. Then why not call him so?
  16. Rockstar- Is your husband good at many things? Does he manage his job and family well? Then, he deserves this nickname.
  17. Sweet Cheeks- Give this nickname to your husband if you just cannot resist pulling his cheeks.
  18. Mr. Perfect- There is no such thing as a perfect man, but one man is absolutely perfect for you. If your husband is a perfect fit for you, then pick this name.
  19. Amigo- If your husband is also your best friend, then he is your Amigo, which means friend.
  20. Hot Chocolate- A cup of hot chocolate is always comforting; if your guy is hot as well as caring, then call him by this nickname.
  21. Sweet-tooth- Is your man a sucker for sweet things (both food and you), then he deserves this nickname.
  22. Love Muffin- He is sweet and full of love for you.
  23. Pickle– Someone who’s good to look at.
  24. Fruity Loops– Because he is just as colorful and sweet as fruit loops.
  25. Champ– If he’s your champion.
  26. Sugams – This is a combination of ‘sugar’ and ‘gum’. It is for a guy who is really sweet and hot at the same time.
  27. Raunchy – a rough and tough kind of guy who likes talking in slang.
  28. Share bear – This is for a guy you can share everything with.
  29. Shy – For a cute guy who is not at ease with girls.
  30. Sailor– This is a cute name for a guy who sets you sailing through thick and thin.
  31. Santa Baby– this is a funny name for a man who keeps showering you with gifts all the time.
  32. McDreamy– Because he is the reason you daydream; or if he has a dreamy personality or eyes.
  33. Buddy– For a guy who is also your best bud.
  34. Peterpan– Well, if he’s just as cute as Peterpan.
  35. Doll– because he’s perfect.
  36. Kawaii– Translates to “cute” in Japanese, and also makes an even cuter nickname.
  37. Yummers– He’s yummy, and you like to remind him that.
  38. Zeus– For your very own Greek God.
  39. Xoxo– Because he deserves all the hugs and kisses.
  40. Tum Tums– It really doesn’t have a meaning, but it sounds cute.
  41. Tootsy Wootsy– because when he’s around, nothing makes sense… Just like this nickname.
  42. Poodle– For a guy who is fluffy and irresistible, like a poodle.
  43. Twinkle– Because he is a twinkling star in your life.
  44. Sunny– When he smiles, the sun shines.
  45. Unstoppable – A determined guy that can overcome any barrier.

Unique Nicknames for your Boyfriend


  1. Psycho – A guy who always does crazy stuff.
  2. Sporty Boy- If he is a sportsman.
  3. Mr. Computer- It is a cute name to call your boyfriend if he is a software developer.
  4. Professor X– if your guy has an extraordinary intellect, this one’s for him.
  5. Catalyst- It is perfect for a salesperson, who regularly achieves his targets.
  6. Treasure- Don’t hesitate to call him My Treasure, if he is a banker.
  7. Footy- If your boyfriend is a footballer.
  8. Einstein- If he is a school teacher or college professor.
  9. Bond- It’s a sweet name to call your boyfriend if he’s a cop or intro
  10. Giggles — A boyfriend who is always laughing.
  11. Studmuffin — Someone you obsess over.
  12.  Hun bun — A name to call the one you love.
  13. Eclipse – A good nickname for a guy that’s a rare gem.
  14. Ecstasy – A guy that makes you excited all the time.
  15. Ecstasy king – A boyfriend who gets you giddy and excited.
  16. Egghead – An intellectual boyfriend.
  17. ock – A boyfriend who is an enthusiast or participant in a specified activity.
  18. Jockey – For a guy that’s an expert in a particular field. E.g., sex jockey, statistics jockey.
  19. Lil One – A great nickname for a guy younger than you such as your kid brother.
  20. Lil’ Heart Breaker – A pet name for a younger guy who is so cute, you can tell he’s going to crush a lot of hearts.
  21. Lilly – A gentle boyfriend with an attractive nature.
  22. Monkey Muffins – A fun nickname for a cute and insanely charming guy.
  23. Monsieur – A French-speaking guy.
  24. Monster – A strong boyfriend.
  25. Moo – A boyfriend who stirs up your emotions easily.
  26. Mooi – Meaning attractive/beautiful in Indonesia.
  27. Pinky – A cute name for a boyfriend who’s so small.
  28. Pint Size – A fun nickname for a short boyfriend.
  29. Pinup Guy – A nickname for a sexy boyfriend.
  30. Pipsqueak – A small boyfriend. He might be tiny, but he’s adorably hard to resist.
  31. Pirate – A boyfriend who copies all the stuff you do.
  32. Sexy Nerd – not so hot in looks, but sexy in his movements and personality.
  33. Shang – one who can do anything; one who is so smart that he make anything happen.
  34. Share bear – one who seems to know everything.
  35. Sheikh – a stinking rich guy, who loves to shower you with lavish gifts.
  36. Hubba Bubba – Perfect for a guy who is sexy as hell.
  37. Huggies – A lovely term of endearment for an adorable guy.
  38. Chocobo – He is hot, hot, hot? You gotta call that eye candy your Chocobo.
  39. Sweet Pickle – If he is sweet, yet a little bit naughty, and often lands you both in trouble, this is the perfect nickname for him.
  40. Pickle Pie – If he is an adventurous guy who loves to live life on the edge, this would be a cute nickname for him.
  41. Mr. Killer Looks- Is your man blessed with good looks and do women look at you with envy for having him all for yourself? Then, pick this name.
  42. All Mine- That adorable and caring man is all yours.
  43. My Valentine- Your husband is your Valentine for life; name him this.
  44. My True Love- When your love for your man is pure, he is your true love.
  45. Other Half- Pick this name when you feel your husband completes you.
  46. Prince Peach – A boyfriend who’s classy and charming.
  47. Prize – For a guy who’s the best gift you’ve ever gotten.
  48. Proton – A great nickname for a very positive guy.
  49.  Boobear — A nickname for a boyfriend who likes to cuddle.
  50.  Silly goose — A boyfriend who causes you to laugh all the time.
  51.  McSteamy — For you, Grey’s Anatomy fans out there.
  52. Yoda — Your boyfriend is full of wisdom.
  53. Book worm — The nickname for your boyfriend who is always reading.
  54. Raindrop– This is the guy who is the life of the party.
  55. Rashes– if he is crazy about you, then this romantic nickname is for him.
  56. My Dear– This is a sweet name that is timeless and can be used for both girlfriend and boyfriend.
  57. Shmoopie – A boyfriend you adore.
  58. Shamoops – A term of endearment for a boyfriend who loves the public display of affection.
  59. Schmoopsie Poo – A boyfriend who’s loving and tender.
  60. Schmoopy – A pet name for a caring, devoted, and mushy boyfriend.
  61. Shoogie Woogie – A fun nickname for a guy who’s your sweetie.
  62. Uncle Upright – A playful nickname for a boyfriend whose genitals are always erect.
  63. Unicorn – A guy so full of perfection that it seems unreal.
251+ Romantic and Cute Nicknames for your Boyfriend
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251+ Romantic and Cute Nicknames for your Boyfriend
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