How To Use Aloe Vera On Face: Uses and Benefits

How to use aloe vera on face

Aloe vera is one of the best natural home remedies to get rid of skin problems like pimples, dark spots, sunburn, etc. it helps to protect the skin, keep it moisturized, and also provides vitamins to the skin. Aloe vera has great skin healing properties, you can directly use aloe vera leaves or buy gel from the market. It’s easily available at any store. Here we are going to explain how to aloe vera on face and the benefits of using it.

How To Use Aloe Vera:

There are lots of different brands of aloe vera gel products that are easily available in the market. When buying products check out its ingredient list because many of them contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. So before buying it read customer reviews online and other details about that particular product. 

It’s best to use homegrown aloe vera leaves and if you don’t have aloe plants, keep them in the house. Its plants are available at local garden stores or you can buy them online. The best thing about using aloe leaves is that they are fresh and chemical-free.  

Before using aloe vera do an allergy test because it may not suit all skin types. Apply a small amount of gel on your wrist and leave it for 24 hours, if you get redness, pimples, and itching do not apply it on your face. Here are some tips for how to use it:

1. Facewash

Aloe vera works as a face cleanser. Use your fingertips to apply a small amount of aloe vera gel to the face. Cover your face by cleansing in a circular motion. Rinse it with cold water and apply moisturizer. 

2. Skin toner

You can also make a toner of aloe vera it helps to soothe the skin and keep it fresh. To make a toner mix water with aloe vera gel and store it in the refrigerator. After some time shake it properly and apply it by using a cotton ball.

3. Antifungal treatment

It helps to treat infection of any part of the body. Apply fresh aloe vera gel on the infected area three times a day. You can also apply aloe vera regularly as a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy.

4. Sunburn

To treat sunburn make ice cubes of aloe vera gel and apply it three times a day on the sunburn area. Keep using it until the skin has returned to normal. You can also make a spray that is super easy to use. 

5. Insect bite treatment

Get fast and better recovery by using aloe vera gel. Wash the affected area with water or Dettol and dry it. Apply gel and leave it for 15-20 minutes. 

6. Aloe vera face masks

You can use face masks of aloe vera for different skin types:

  • Face mask for oily skin: Aloe mask for oily skin prevents acne and pimples. Take it in a bowl and add a few drops of tea tree oil, whisk it and make a paste. Apply it on the face before going to sleep, leave it overnight and wash in the morning with cold water.
  • Face mask for dry skin: For dry skin prepare a mask using aloe vera, honey, and cucumber. Blend 1 cucumber, add 1 teaspoon of honey and aloe gel. Apply it on the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water. This face mask keeps your skin hydrated and leaves it soft & glowing.
  • Face masks for normal/sensitive skin: For normal skin, you can directly use aloe gel or make a mixture of aloe vera and banana. It works well for both normal and sensitive skin and also provides relief from itching & rashes. Mash one banana with aloe gel and rose water. Mix well & apply it on the face. Wash when it dries.    

Benefits of aloe vera for face:

Benefits of aloe vera for face

Aloe vera contains 90% water so it helps to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized all day without damaging and causing side effects. Here are the following benefits of using aloe vera:

  1. Moisturize the skin

It is a great natural skin moisturizer. Its hydrating properties keep the skin soft and smooth without any side effects. It doesn’t leave your skin greasy and unclog the pores to maintain the softness of the skin.

  1. Fights acne and blemishes

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera prevent your skin from infections and bacteria that cause pimples and acne. A small amount of fresh aloe vera gel is enough to protect your skin. 

  1. Treats sunburn

Aloe vera contains lots of vitamins and minerals, with its fast recovering properties you can easily treat sunburn. Apply fresh aloe vera on the skin.

  1. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Aloe vera gel helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Use fresh aloe leaves for better and fast results. Apply it with rose water before going to sleep. It works well for all skin types. 

  1. Reduces infection and acne

Its antibacterial properties treat the skin and prevent pimples. It contains polysaccharides and gibberellins that help in the growth of new cells and reduce redness, dirt, acne, and treat infection.

Aloe vera is a source of natural treatment for various skin diseases. Try to use fresh homegrown aloe leaves, it is chemical-free and also make your skin soft without damaging it. If you are using aloe vera for a long time and don’t see any improvement, consult with your doctor about it. This is all about how to use aloe vera on face. Use these tips and make your skin soft & glowing. 

How To Use Aloe Vera On Face: Uses and Benefits
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How To Use Aloe Vera On Face: Uses and Benefits
It gets easily absorbed on the skin & helps to treat all skin diseases and keep the skin soft. Here are tips on how to use aloe vera on the face.
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