Top 20 Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles Indian

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20 Bridal Hairstyles Indian look

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Your hairstyle on wedding day requires as much attention as your dress and makeup in order to match the whole wedding bride look. You want to try different bridal hairstyles Indian for the day? Keep reading and you will get your way.

Bridal hairstyles can also differ according to the length of hair. Short hair may require a different style as compared to long one. In order to compliment your look, here are the different hairstyles for the bridal.

Try these Bridal Hairstyles Indian

Sleek Tight Bun

A Sleek tight bun is a type of bridal hairstyle which is a doughnut bun styled tightly. It is then wrapped around with gajras.

Bubble Braid

This is mainly styled by south Indian brides. It is a wondrous bubble hairstyle styled with dainty stone embellishments scattered randomly.

Rose Structure Bun

Rose structured bun can be styled by swirling them to form a bewitching form in an endless way.

Mogra Bun

It is one of the major moment hairstyles. It has to be made with a brooch for a sure-shot Indian bridal hairstyle.

Artificial Flowered Bun

Simple bun hairstyles are the most beautiful to look at. Tie the artificial flowers, and it will give a look charming and elegant simplest look.

Gajra Bun

Gajra is a beautiful item made with flowers. It was one of the most prioritized item to be worn by south Indian bridals. It adds a charm to the hairstyle. Simply wore it and you are good to go.

Doughnut Bun

This bridal style consists of two different varieties of flowers to outline the bun. Firstly make the bun hairstyle. Add two varieties of flowers to the corner line of the bun made.

Mogra Mesh

When you don’t want to go with the normal gajra way mogra mesh will help you. Here amp up your bridal bun with a mesh of moras to have a unique look.

Floral Bouquet with Brooch

Many of the brides follow the trend of floral bouquets. South Indian brides also like this lovely yet traditional hairdo that’s beautifully adorned with rose petals, baby breath flowers, a variety of roses and faux floral pins. To keep the South Indian aesthetics intact, a traditional brooch has been set in the centre. 

Voluminous braid

If you don’t want to have a boring braid, this style will work for you. Make the braid with each layer of volume to the length of the hair.

Massive Bun with a Floral Arrangement

Tie your luscious hair into a huge bun and deck it up with a spiralling floral setting to grab maximum eyeballs.

Maze like Bun

It is an unusual bridal hair bun with a lot of crisscross details. It is further amped with a dainty rose in the middle and top-outlined with baby’s breath flowers.

Traditional Updo

This bridal hairstyle has the real beauty that lies in simplicity and this neat bun adorned with Mogra is the perfect example of the same.

Loose Locks

An elegant side part offsets the loose waves coming out of this effortlessly chic bun. If you have long hair you want to show off but still keep out of your face, this is a great look to consider since it both frames the face and brings attention down to your gorgeous blouse.

Tender Twist 

Frame your face with two mini French twists on either side and some long, loose strands naturally falling out. The refinement meets an easy-going look for the bride who wants to scream “effortlessly chic.

Rapunzel Braid

The only thing making this long, fluffy braid more ethereal is the bride’s gold Tikki along her side part. The hair along the bride’s part will be flipped outward to draw attention to her face, keeping the focus on the bride’s heavy jewellery up top.

Contemporary Updo

For this modern bride, a high bun adds some excitement to a more traditional red lehenga. The sleek, slicked-back hair looks Uber chic, adding some drama to an otherwise simple style.

Romantic Waves

What bride doesn’t love a subtle, romantic look? Soft waves meet a gentle boost of volume to frame the face ever so gently. And pushing all your hair to one side will make the style appear more polished, too.

Glamorous Curls

This bride paired a loosely tied chignon with curly pieces on the sides of her face. With her hair tied back, the chunky earrings and dainty tikka stand out.

Blooming Beauty

Inspired by the pink roses on her sheer dupatta, the bride showered her low chignon in matching ones to bring out the pink in her lehenga. We especially love her choice to pair pink and green—it’s a classic Indian colour combination as green represents new beginnings and pink symbolizes purity.

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Some Indian bridal hairstyle for short hair

short hair bride

  1. Lot of flowersTie your hair into a basic bun and don it up with an extensive floral arrangement to make your bridal hairstyle look voluminous, captivating and elaborate. This floral bouquet bun features baby’s breath, pink carnations and pink rose petals. And don’t forget to add some dimension to your bridal hair in the front. Even a side-sweeping swirly hair strand can do wonders
  2. Let curls make noise – In case you want to keep your hair open, here’s the ultimate one. Finely curl your hair and keep them open with a side partition. 
  3. All roses – Brides with short hair must befriend floral buns. The extensive use of flowers can instantly lend a bridal feel to their dainty buns. Take a cue from this one, an all-rose floral bun with accents of baby’s breath flowers.
  4. Effortless way – Flaunt your effortless style and strut in style donning this casual hairstyle where the ironed tresses are simply kept open.
  5. Half tie hairstyleInstead of a single crown braid, this hairstyle features multiple braids coming together to tie the semi-open wavy tresses.
  6. Crumpled braided bun If you want to have bun style then make it a crumpled braided bun. Then bring to the end of hair and add some brooch for a better look

When it’s your day to look beautiful you need to be gorgeous. Hairstyle needs to match your outfit as well as makeup. Try out of the top 20 bridal hairstyles Indian to go for a wedding day.

Top 20 Beautiful Bridal hairstyles Indian
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Top 20 Beautiful Bridal hairstyles Indian
Hairstyle needs to match your outfit as well as makeup. Try out of these top 20 bridal hairstyles Indian to go for a wedding day.
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