Quick and Easy Bath Bomb Recipe

Bath bomb Recipe

Looking for a perfect bath bomb recipe which is quick and easy to make, you have come to the right place.

Are you someone who has a very busy schedule all day and has a very stressful job.

I think a glass of wine, a relaxing playlist, and scented candles along with the hot bath with a fizzing Bath bomb will be a Heaven for you in a nutshell.

Slowly disintegration of a bath bomb with the release of fizzing sound and beautiful vibrant colors will make your body feel like 100 grams.Bath Tub Relax

Making a bath bomb at home is very easy and fun to make with kids and saves a lot of money as compared ordering online.

You can always customize your bath bomb’s shape and its fragrance according to your mood, and most important of all “it’s non-toxic” as you are preparing it yourself.

Homemade Bath Bombs will turn your tub into a luxuriously rich aroma bath and will make your skin nourished and silky soft leaving you feeling truly pampered inside.

And of course, with gorgeous packing, you can gift these bath bombs on any special occasions. You can make a batch of 3-4 bath bombs and can experiment with different color combinations from as simple as black color to a cool looking galaxy bath bomb.

Now I will tell you my quick and easy bath bomb recipe from which you can easily make your custom non-toxic Bath bomb.

bath bomb recipe

Here are the Bath Bomb Recipe Supplies


I choose these ingredients for bath bombs because these are easily available at your local grocery store or food store, and I am using the quantity which is given below to make 20 Bath Bombs but it can vary on different shapes and sizes of the mold.

Baking soda2 Cup
Citric Acid 1 Cup
Epsom Salt1 Cup
Cornstarch1 Cup
Soap color or Food colorFew drops (as per your need)
Essential Oil25-30 drops
Castor Oil or Vegetable oil3 tsp
Water½ tsp
Sponge animal capsule(optional)1 in  each bath bomb


Large bowlFor mixing
CupsFor measuring
WhiskFor blending ingredients 
Bath Bomb Mould (of any shape)For giving proper shape to bath bombs

Instructions for Bath Bomb Recipe

Step 1. The first step of the recipe is to collect all the dry ingredients and mix them in a large bowl  i.e

  • Baking soda
  • Epsom salt
  • Cornstarch (for holding mixture together)
  • Citric acid (for fizz)

Then give it a quick whisk so that all dry ingredients are mixed properly.

Bath Bomb Recipe Ingredients

Step 2. Now we will mix all the wet ingredients in a small bowl or jar i.e

  • Essential oil
  • Castor oil or vegetable oil
  • Soap color or food color
  • Water

Step 3. Its time to mix the liquid mixture and dry mixture, now slowly add the liquid mixture into the dry mixture while whisking, it will create little fizz because of the reaction caused by citric acid, but don’t worry its normal.

Step 4. Now slowly whisk the mixture until the mixture is combined properly, make sure that the resultant mixture should be more of dry and wet enough so that the bath bomb holds its shape when we take them out from its mold


PRO TIP – If the final mixture is too wet, citric acid will react with the wet mixture, and fizz will release instantly, so make sure that the mixture is not too wet

Step 5. Now fill both sides of the molds with the mixture tightly so that it does break when you take out your bath bomb from the mold, but wait, do you want your bath bomb to be more exciting for your kids just add some grow capsule inside the mold, a perfect goodie for your kid in a bathtub.

Step 6. Leave the mold for 24 hours so that the bath bomb gets in proper shape before you gift it to someone or use it personally. Removing it from the mold is not a tough task just gently tap on the mold and slowly open the mold to take out the bath bomb.

Step 7. Tadaaaa! Your Bath Bomb is now ready to use, if you want to use it in the future you can store in a dry place and use it whenever you want.

bath bomb recipe

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